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Alexandria is a metadata archive. It provides a searchable archive of (primarily) fanfiction metadata from several sources on the wider web.

It dos not yet have much functionality for discovering new stories to read. There's currently a limited set of stories rated by our first librarian jac. In the future automatic suggestions based on user ratings may be available.

Currently the metadata of 24K fics are housed here with an estimated 1B total words.

Sources include:

  1. Manual
  3. Archive of Our Own
  4. Harry Potter FanFic Archive
  5. Fiction Alley
  6. FanficAuthors
  7. Portkey Archive
  8. Sink Into Your Eyes
  9. FictionPress
  10. FictionHunt
  11. Space Battles
  12. Sufficient Velocity
  13. Questionable Questing
  14. Harry Potter FanFiction
  15. Ward
  16. Adult
  17. Fanfics.Me
  18. Royal Road
  19. The Waves Arisen
  20. The Sugar Quill

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